5 litri in lattina di Olio Extra Vergien di Oliva "OTTAVIANI"

Extra virgin olive oil Selection of OTTAVIANI's olives
Produced on the Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia hills

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The extra virgin olive oil "OTTAVIANI" Sgocciolato
 The extra virgin olive oil "OTTAVIANI" is an absolutly pure product, not undergone through refining treatments, obtained from the olive fruit simply by means of processes of mechanical extraction.

The extra virgin olive oil comes from fresh and healty olives, which are harvested entirely by hand, at a proper stage of maturity to precise peculiarities of flavour.
 What makes indeed special the extra virgin olive oil in the daily food diet, is his preventive function towards a lot of pathologies.
A diet rich in oil reduces the concentrations of total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) without reducing the levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

Superior quality extra virgin olive oil obtained by the hand-picked harvesting of the olives which are immediately coldpressed with traditional stone mills, in tank of lt. 5,00.

Produced with olives Canino,Frantoio, Leccino.
The olive oil has a light and harmonious flavour and is ideal for subtler foods such salads and carpaccio.

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